Welcome to Forget-Me-Not Quail Farm of Maine

Nestled in the heart of western Maine, Forget-Me-Not Quail Farm is your source for premium, sustainably raised Coturnix quail. From farm-fresh eggs to healthy breeding stocks, discover the purity of nature with every product.

The Farm Stand is officially open for the 2024 season! Visit us at 114 Wilton-Warren Road in Fryeburg, Maine.

Dedicated to Quality and Diversity

Dive deeper into the heart of our quail breeding expertise here at Forget-Me-Not Quail Farm of Maine. We’re passionate about cultivating a diverse array of quail colors and types, each bred with meticulous care and attention to ensure robust health and vibrant plumage. Our breeding programs are designed not only to sustain and improve the standard qualities of the Coturnix quail but also to explore and enhance rare color mutations.

We invite you to learn more about the specifics of our breeding methods, the dedicated care we provide to each generation of quails, and the rigorous selection process we use to maintain the highest quality standards. Explore the fascinating world of quail colors and discover how our commitment to excellence shapes every aspect of our farm. Whether you’re a fellow breeder, a potential quail owner, or simply curious about quail farming, there’s something here for everyone to appreciate. Join us in celebrating the diversity and beauty of the Coturnix quail through our dedicated breeding programs.

Hear from Our Happy Customers

A silhouette of the state of Maine with a blue star marking the location of Fryeburg.

Conveniently located just off Route 302 on the Fryeburg/Bridgton line.